Vicissitudes! video of the sinking of the new statues

Our new statues are looking lovely with their first few months of growth and recently some excellent nudibranchs. ??If you haven’t seen them yet they are most definitely worth the trip …

Video of the sinking and placement of the statues with thanks to Duncan Kirkby!

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NEW Cyclist: He’s back!

Today the new Island Water World sponsored Cyclist sculpted by Troy Lewis made its entrance into our Underwater Sculpture Park with thanks to Seafaris Grenada and Eco Dive. ??He is in the same location as his namesake and is glowing! ??Congratulations GUSMI!

Island Water World and Troy Lewis’ new Cyclist …

Cyclist on his way to Molin??re!

Headed for open water the new cyclist is off …

an action shot – and he actually moves! you have to see it to believe it :) Too much rum before the ride …

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NEW Christ of the Deep statue!

On November 17 the new ???Christ of the Deep??? statue moved to its new home in the Sculpture Park in Molinere Bay.With efforts led by the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management group (GUSMI) and assistance from Seafaris Grenada, Eco Dive and the Grenada Coast Guard, the statue is now in its new home. Check the photos below and the video.


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Molinere Bay – Where we are …

Located on the west coast of Grenada just north of the capital city of St George's in Molinere Bay in Grenada's newly declared Marine Protected Area

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