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Sponsorship Opportunities

GUSMI has initiated a new incentive to regenerate the park. The regeneration project comprises several projects which will ensure that the park remains a viable and newsworthy attraction over the coming years.

In order to fund this project GUSMI are seeking local sponsorship to aid in the regeneration of the park.

  • Project 1 ??? New Circle of Children by Jason Taylor

The 26 Children are to be rebuilt with new more durable materials, a much more substantial concrete interlocking concrete base and fibreglass reinforcing.

Cost~ Each of the 26 Children are available for sponsorship at the following rate:

  • Full Child Sponsorship ?????????? EC$3000
  • ?? Child Sponsorship?????????????????? EC$1500 (Joint sponsorship with another company)?? i.???????????? Each Child will have a brass plaque mounted on the base recognizing the sponsor
    ii.???????????? The sponsor will be credited on the official Sculpture Park website
  • Project 2 – Christ of the Deep

To commemorate the 50th year anniversary since the Bianca C caught fire and sank in Grenada, a replica of the statue located at the Carenage will be constructed and placed in the park.

***SPONSORSHIP AGREED*** Grenada Board of Tourism

  • Project 3 ??? The bench

To construct an underwater bench which would allow unique photo opportunities for divers. In the rear of the picture would be the new circle of children. ?????????????

***SPONSORSHIP AGREED*** Joint sponsorship by Dive Grenada & The Spice Basket

  • Project 4 ??? New Sienna

To replace Sienna with a new statue in more robust and corrosion resistant materials

  • Project 5 ??? La Diablesse

To reconstruct the mysterious lady from the myth and folk law. ***SPONSORSHIP AGREED*** Discover Magazine

  • Project 6 ??? Fall from Grace (Cyclist)

To replace the bicycle and place the cyclist on a freestanding base, currently the statue leans against the rocks and regularly falls over

  • Project 7 ??? Lost Correspondent

To Replace the desk and chair on the lost correspondent, these metal items have suffered extensive corrosion and are under threat of collapsing.

  • Project 8- Artificial Reef

Reef balls are artificial reef areas which are specifically designed to attract marine life, with holes and features like a regular reef they provide an excellent addition to the natural reef.. We plan to decorate the reefs with art and interesting features to create functional and visually unique pieces of Marine Art.

  • Website 9 ??? Build and development

The web site will be a source of information about the sculptures and the surrounding reef, with pictures, information and updates on the changes in the reef we hope to create a comprehensive information resource on the park and the sculptures.



2 Responses to Projects

  1. Marla Guggenheimer says:


    My name is Marla Guggenheimer and I am a senior in high school at the Miami Valley School in Ohio in the United States. A few days ago I saw the Omnimax movie “The Last Reef” in which many of the sculptures from the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park are exhibited. When the narrator of the film explained that one way people are trying to save the coral reefs is by placing statues underwater so that coral can grow on them and thrive, I became inspired. I want to be a part of this amazing cause and I am contacting you asking how I can get my school involved in sponsoring the restoration of one of the sculptures. This is a huge dream of mine, to be actively involved in the conservation of our environment, and I know I can make it a reality. Thank you so much for everything that you do and it is comforting and refreshing to know that there are many people in the world who care about the conservation of our beautiful planet and who are actively doing something about it. Please let me know about sponsorship opportunities. Thank you.

    -Marla Guggeneheimer

  2. David Flusberg says:

    I am a successful entrepreneur with a passion for diving and art. I am interested in financially sponsoring one of your projects. Please contact me regarding how this could be possible. Thank you, regards.

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